Aadhya Yogshala Vision is to make a community of global teachers. Where yoga teacher can come and share their experience with us


Our mission is to make a place where any one can come and learn yoga and promote the benefits of yoga everywhere


Aadhya Yogshala dream is to make a world where everyone will live with love and kindness for all and no space for stress and anxiety

Why to Choose Aadhya Yogshala

Who We Are

We live in a rat-race society that creates stress and sells quick-fixes. Yoga is a growing industry all over the world to get fit body, good health and wellness, with studios and gyms representing the source of yoga for many. Aadhya Yogshala started the same way, in a small town Rishikesh on the Himalayan. But the passion and vision that owner, Abhi Sharma, had for applying the rich ancient wisdom that yoga offers to modern living quickly outgrew the space and expanded into a worldwide offering.

Aadhya Yogshala is a place where we welcome every yogi who has dream to do something different . Aadhya Yogshala is a community of global teachers where we love to share our knowledge & experience.  We are Rishikesh based yoga school our teacher are well trained and have long experience to teach. 

Where We Are

Much more than a dot on Google Maps, Aadhya Yogshala exists in the hearts and minds of all who learn and teach there. Through experiences in unique classes, workshops, retreats, and training’s students gain a new perspective on life’s realities. Yoga creates more space, self-acceptance, and love for who we are, not who we want to be.

What We Offer

We possess the vision to provide impact full learning experiences that help you gain a new perspective on everyday life. We recognize the unique light within each human we meet and have built programs to inspire you from where you are at. We are not expecting perfection. We see the beauty of imperfection and help you to move with better ease, breathe more deeply, and release what holds you back.


By learning and living yoga’s ancient teachings, we can open our hearts, minds, and bodies to limitless possibilities. Yoga teaches you to find balance, harmony and energy renewal amidst the hectic bustle of everyday pressures and deadlines. Relax and enjoy a personalized yoga experience being lead by a seasoned leader. Once you understand how and why yoga works for every-body, you will have even more motivation to step onto your mat and apply yoga to everyday living.

Why Aadhya Yogashala

  1. Very experienced teachers
  2. Yoga Alliance Certificate (USA)
  3. Teacher Training Manual
  4. Two beautiful locations, Goa and Rishikesh
  5. 3 Star Stay
  6. Comfortable Accommodation With all Facilities
  7. Great location by the river and surrounded by mountains
  8. Night security
  9. Yoga Shala has beautiful views of river and surrounding hills
  10. Three vegetarian meals and 1 tea break every day
  11. Drinking water free of cost
  12. 24 Hours Wifi
  13. Option to learn and teach with us in the internship program
  14. Opportunity to teach in our school’s branches after graduation
  15. Opportunity to start our chapters in your country as Aadhya Yogshala Franchisee.



What Will You Learn Here

  1. How to give a solid and clear demonstration
  2. How to give clear instruction (working with Voice)
  3. Proper alignment of postures
  4. Yoga anatomy
  5. Hands-on adjustment
  6. How to avoid common injury during practice
  7. How to jump backward and forward (vinyasa flow)
  8. Mantra Chanting
  9. Yogic breathing (Pranayama) and their benefits
  10. Yogic body cleansing (Kriya yoga)
  11. Mudras and their benefits
  12. Yoga philosophy (Patanjali yoga sutra)
  13. Ayurveda and Yoga principle
  14. Assisting yoga class with other teacher
  15. How to teach 45 min to 90 min long class
  16. How to teach one to one class
  17. How to teach more than 10 people in a class
  18. Yoga career and business